Social media can bring us together . . . and tear us apart.

Narsociety – The Social Media Shaming Musical tells the story of what happens when  outrage controls the conversation, and when agendas ruin lives.

All CARLOS LARSON wants is to be a world-famous cartoonist. He’s confident that being successful on the internet and social media is the way to do it.

Carlos meets and falls in love with SADIE DOLE, an internet-introvert who wears her heart on her twitter feed. They’re happy for a brief time, only to have the romance go sour when finding a work/love balance becomes too difficult.

What Carlos doesn’t know is that Sadie’s roommate BLAIR MALLORY has set her blogging outrage on some of Carlos & Sadie’s personal communications, finding them offensive and sexist. Many people agree with her viral blasts of the questionably-funny dirty comics he drew for Sadie.  Carlos becomes the internet monster of the week.

Carlos’ assistant Travis, a slimy alt right troll, decides to rile up the opposing side, and soon Carlos and Sadie find themselves in the middle of an all-out internet war between two factions that seem to only care about their own agendas, and only hope to instill more outrage and anger.

With Carlo’s career wrecked and his personal life in shambles due to a misconstrued joke, can he rebound in a new society that revels in watching public humiliation and online lynching?

When you’re that unlucky lottery winner who virally becomes infamous and instantly universally hated…  is there any recovery?